Massage Skills Training Day At Baan Bussabaa

Thai Massage is a finely honed art and at Baan Bussabaa, it’s important for us to make sure our massage skills are on top form. With this in mind, we’ve arranged a training day for all our team here at our centre for Thai Massage in Warrington.

No matter how good we are at our craft, there’s always room for improvement, our customers, who come to us for relief from sporting injuries, muscle soreness, aches and pains, or simply seeking relaxation and a feeling of wellness deserve no less.

We’ve had a throughly enjoyable day refining our massage skills and techniques. With an art as ancient as Traditional Thai Massage, there are centuries of ideas, refinements and secrets to discover. Our day of opening our minds and our hearts to ideas new and old has allowed us to refresh and refine what we do. It’s been a real voyage of discovery as well as being lots of fun.

It’s true of any skill, that one must make an effort to seek out external knowledge and experience. A practitioner with a year’s training who has practiced for 10 years but never trained again since might tell you they have 10 years experience, but in truth they only have 1 year, repeated 10 times.

The massage skills training we’ve enjoyed receiving has served to add extra fuel to the fire of our enthusiasm and we look forward to making good use of our new and newly refined skills on our many customers over the coming weeks and months.

Warrington Thai Massage Skills Training

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If you’ve never experienced Thai Massage for yourself, or you’re looking for the best Thai Massage in Warrington, then don’t delay any further. The Baan Bussabaa team are alwas delighted to take your booking and let you indulge in a little ‘You time’ and book you in for any of our wellbeing for you massage treatments.