Swedish Massage

At Baan Bussabaa, we primarily offer Traditional Thai Massage, however, thanks to the highly trained and multi-disciplined team we’re fortunate to have on hand, we’re also able to offer Swedish Massage as an option.

What Is Swedish Massage?

When most peiople think of a classic massage, whether it’s something they’ve seen on TV or in a movie, chances are it’s Swedish Massage they’re thinking of. Typically the recipient is lying face down on a raised table, covered by a towel and will remain more or less motionless while the masseuse/masseur works primarily on the back as well as arms leg and neck, using a combination of oil, deep rubbing and kneading, with percussion also used (although this is falling out of favour).

Swedish Massage is great for relieving muscle tension and relaxation, it’s also a little less intense than Thai massage can be, so it a good option for those unfamiliar with being massaged.