Hot Stone Massage

A treatment often available in luxury spa’s and on cruise ships, hot stone massage is also available at Baan Bussabaa in Warrington alongside our other more Traditional Thai Massage therapies.

What Does Hot Stone Massage Involve?

As the name involves, this type of massage involves using flat heated stones, usually smooth basalt stones, to provide a warming relaxing and indulgent experience as well as soothing aches, pains and tension.

The stones will be heated to a precise temperature and placed on specific parts of your body (traditional acupressure points), radiating heat and relaxing you, while your massage therapist will massage your warmed and relaxed muscles, using more heated stones as well

We’ve all experienced the comfort of a hot water bottle, now imagine a collection of harder, heavier hot water bottles expertly applied so they provide gentle pressure and radiate comforting heat right where you need it. It’s a supremely relaxing experience and hot stone massage has also been said to have a deeper, more profound, grounding aspect to it as well.

At Baan Bussabaa we’re very lucky to have Nicole who has been highly trained in various massage therapies by a well know cruise company in London and specialises in exactly the kind of heated stone therapies normally only available at premium prices in the most luxurious spa’s and resorts.