Tok Sen (Hammer Massage)

One of the many traditional Thai Massage techniques we specialise in at Baan Bussabaa is Tok Sen or Hammer Massage. For this we use shaped wooden pegs and mallets with unique and special techniques to relax your muscles with targetted pressure and gentle percussion.

Tok Sen therapy helps with physical aches and pains, energy blockages, improves circulation, eases nerve problems etc. You can feel your tension slipping away with every healing tap.

 With origins in Northern Thailand, Tok Sen is a less well known type of traditional Thai massage, but if you’ve yet to experience this technique you’re missing out!

The use of wooden pegs allows pressure to be delivered in a more targeted way deep into your muscles, with the percussive taps sending vibrations even deeper, providing relief to tension held deep within your muscle tissue.

If you’ve not yet experienced the unique benefits of Thai Hammer Massage you’re missing out and the only way to truly appreciate how it feels is to try it at least once. Of course, once experienced, whether it’s to ease tight muscles, or for pure pleasure, your first time won’t be you last time and we’re sure this will fast become one of your favourite Thai Massage treatments!

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Tok Sen Thai Massage Warrington
A small selection of the pegs and mallets used in Tok Sen Massage