Reflexology is one of the therapeutic services available alongside Thai Massage Therapy.

Reflexology techniques involve the application of gentle pressure to the feet and hands, which brings about a deep sense of relaxation and helps stimulate the body’s own healing processes.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a type of massage based on the understanding that the feet are intrinsically connected to other vital parts of the body by energy channels we refer to as ‘Sen lines’.

The idea that seemingly unrelated parts of the body are connected to one another has been a staple part of traditional healing for centuries, cropping up in various cultures around the world. Even Western studies in the 1890’s acknowledged the efficacy of thai foot massage and attempted to explain it via reference to the many thousands of nerves and concentration of nerve endings distributed around the body.

Areas of the feet in particular can be sensitised in response to energy blockages and other problems elsewhere in the body and there are 66 specific and distinct points which allow your Thai massage therapist to pinpoint particular areas in need of attention.

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At Baan Bussabaa, we use reflexology both as a therapeutic technique in its own right and as a diagnostic for problems elsewhere in the body which we can then direct the massage therapist to the best locations to treat a particular condition.

As well as being a useful diagnostic guide, having ones feet massaged is great for reducing strees, improving blood circulation, reducing stiffness and improving flexibility.

Like any other form of Thai Massage, direct stimulation of the skin and the muscles beneath results in a feeling of wellbeing, improves concentration, mental clarity and a whole host of other benefits, making foot massage a popular choice in its own right as well as a guide for massage elsewhere.

Whether you have a particular complaint you’d like reloving or you simply need to relax, why not treat yourself to a little bit of tranquility to relieve the stress of your daily life?

Contact us for details and let us bring you back to the real you with the benefits of thai massage therapy.

Go On – Treat yourself!