Electro Therapy Treatment

At Baan Bussabaa in Warrington, we pride ourselves on offering the very best traditional massage and therapeutic treatments, primarily with origins in Thailand.

This doesn’t prevent us from embracing other ideas and offering therapies from the world over, both ancient and contemporary. With this in mind, we’re very pleased to offer Electro Therapy Treatment to complement the therapies on offer at our Warrington Thai Massage salon.

How Does Electro Therapy Treatment Work?

The human body is an electrical circuit and your brain gives your body instructions via tiny electrical impulses sent down your nerves. These tiny electrical signals, amongst other things, help you unconsciously make your organs run as they should, regulate your temperature, allows digestion to happen and everything else your body does for you. These signals are also what allows you to consciously move your body.

Electro Therapy works in exactly the same way, by passing a similar, small, and entirely safe electrical pulse between two charged gloves. These gloves are worn by your therapist and will be placed on your body adjacent to the areas to be treated. These pulses passing between the gloves mimic your body’s own internal signals and stimulate the tissue, muscles, nerves and circulatory system in the areas between where the gloves are applied. This allows direct and highly specific treatments of particular muscles, areas of pain or other energy blockages which might be troubling you.

Electrical pulses are also known to affect the transmission of pain signals to the brain as well as stimulating the release of endophines; your body’s own natural ‘feel good’ chemical. All of which greatly reduces or even eliminates the feeling of pain in the area or areas treated.

You may experience a very mild tingling sensation where electrical pulses are passing through your skin, this should never be uncomfortable though, most people positively enjoy the experience, but if you’re particularly sensitive, please tell your therapist so the level of current can be reduced. Where muscles are the target of the treatment, you will likely experience your muscles contracting without input from you. This is entirely normal and often desirable as it allows muscles to be flexed and stretched individually, relieving tension with precision.

The Benefits of Electro Therapy Treatment

There are numerous benefits attributed to experiencing Electro Massage Therapy, particularly when treating conditions related to either acute or chronic pain.

  • Relief from Muscular Pain
  • Stimulating Muscle Growth
  • Relieving Back Pain
  • Treating Migraines & Other Headaches
  • Treatment Of Nervous System Disorders
  • Promoting A Feeling Of Deep Relaxation
  • Relieving Arthritis Symptoms
  • Promoting Improvements In Blood Circulation
  • Stimulating The Release Of ‘Feel Good’ Hormones
  • Clears the body’s meridian pathways, promoting natural healing processes

Can Anyone Receive This Therapy?

While our Electro Therapy Treatment is extremely safe and perfectly suitable for most people, we’d always advise checking with your doctor if you have concerns prior to treatment. The nature of the Electro Therapy Treatment means that those with pacemakers or similar should consult their doctor before receiving this type of therapy. Similarly, pregnant women or those who believe they may be pregnant should also seek medical advice.

Otherwise, this treatment is a pleasant, safe, non-intrusive and usually thoroughly enjoyable way to relax, relieve pain and promote a feeling of wellbeing.

We’d recommend giving this new treatment a try and letting it help you Relax, Revive and Refocus at Baanbussabaa.

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