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Our Loyalty Card Scheme and Subscription Plan – Treat Yourself More Often For Less

Thai Massage Loyalty Card

We like to repay loyalty, so why not join our loyalty card scheme and treat yourself to additional benefits from our wellbeing for you range of Thai Massage therapies?

At Baan Bussabaa, the more you treat yourself the more you save with our loyalty card scheme, allowing you you refresh, revive and revitalise more often. With extended hours and additional treatments available to card-holders, there’s never been a better time to experience the difference our wellbeing for you range of Thai Massage therapies can make.

Ask us about joining our loyalty scheme and start saving with each Thai massage treatment. Receive free minutes and discounts on future massage treatmants.

Thai Massage Subscription Plan

In nature and in life balance is essential. Every Yin has a Yang, every action has a reaction and when you have only one half of an equation, the other makes no sense.

If your life is out of balance, your wellbeing is at risk. If you train your body hard, but don’t allow yourself to recover properly, you may end up injured. If you regularly experience stress, but don’t take time for yourself to escape and unwind, your mental health might suffer. The list goes on.

In the modern world it’s common to place huge demands on oneself, without allowing time and space to recover. This fundamental imbalance inevitably results in negative symptoms presenting themselves. Sometimes in obvious ways, other time less obvious.

If the cause of physical and mental strain is continuous, then your response to it should also be continuous. With this in mind, we offer Thai Massage Therapy as a subscription service with prices starting from as little as £39 per month.

If you’re suffering and in need of regular treatments, we can help. With a simple standing order, you can schedule regular time to relax, recover and recuperate allowing you to bring your busy life back into balance and save money too!

Go on – treat yourself – Looking after you mind, body spirit and your bank balance too!

Contact us today and look after yourself for less!