Massage and Mental Health

The Mental Health benefits of Traditional Thai Massage

Mental health is very much in the news of late and for very good reason. But did you know that Thai Massage, being good for both the body and for the mind, can have numerous physiological and psychological benefits which have a hugely positive impact on mental health?

Humans are social creatures and from birth, physical contact with other people brings comfort and improves our mood. It’s simply how we’re made. Our natural ‘feel good’ chemicals and endorphins  like serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine can all be stimulated by touch. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how Thai Massage; physical touch applied in studied and specific ways, can instantly improve the mood. With regular treatment, these improvements in mental wellbeing become established and the improvements in physical condition become almost ‘side effects’.

Afflictions of the body often begin in the mind

Many of the people we see at the Baan Bussabaa spa in Warrington present with afflictions of the body. Muscle tension, chronic pain, regular headaches, sleeplessness etc and all too often these are only symptoms of problems which in reality began in the mind.

To treat a problem, one must not just treat the symptoms without tackling the underlying cause. Thankfully, Thai Massage is a perfect solution as it eases the physical symptoms of a particular complaint as well as relieving the often psychological cause. A holistic solution which deals with all aspects of the problem.

Imagine if you’re stressed at work. You hold tension in your muscles, you sit awkwardly, you tense your jaw, your breathing and posture changes. All of these cause physical symptoms, which cause further discomfort, causing even more stress, headaches, sleeplessness and a much poorer quality of life. Just one example of a vicious cycle that calls out for intervention.

Thai massage, by contrast represents a virtuous circle. Simultaneously relieving the outward symptoms of stress while the physical contact, relaxing environment and breathing techniques stimulate the release of natural feel good hormones which combine to treat the psychological cause. This all encompassing approach results in true, deep and lasting relief from a variety of issues.

Thai Massage is a Shield For Your Mind

This improvement in mental health improves the physical feeling of wellbeing and causes happiness which persists even after your massage has ended. This in turn, is a powerful counter to stressful environments and circumstances you encounter in your daily life. You’ll be less affected by this negative stimulus, which means your physical responses (which cause you discomfort) will also reduce. Improving your overall quality of life.

Why not experience the incredible befits of Thai Massage for yourself? If you’ve never tried this time honoured, holistic therapy, it could be a revelation and your first step to being the best version of you.

Go On – Treat Yourself!